winnie (angelinger) wrote in austinroommates,

Looking for 4th Roommate in East Austin - $350

My boyfriend is looking for a fourth roommate for a 4 bedroom house in East Austin, just two miles from downtown.  The room is $350 on the second floor of a well-kept house and measures approximately 12 feet by 15 feet with a small walk-in closet.  The house has 2 bathrooms, which are amazingly clean considering they're shared by boys...

I'm just sayin'.

$350 Very Close to Downtown, Avail in March (rosewood and leona)

We are three guys in our late twenties seeking a new roommate! No pets or drum sets. The room will be open on the first of March.

This is a great house downtown / east Austin, near 11th Street! There's a big backyard with the beginnings of a garden, and easy access to bike routes and buses. Just a five minute bike ride from the Capital building.

You must have a job, and be clean and responsible with bills! We are fun and respectful roommates with a variety of skills (chef, techie, mechanic) and many interests, so there are many perks to living here.

The bedroom is $350. We'll need a $200 dollar deposit.

Email us and we'll talk!
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