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$450 ABP Bedroom&Office in Central House

I have a large bedroom to rent in a 3/2 house located in a nice quiet neighborhood near Airport and Guadalupe.  $450 includes rent and bills (electric, gas, waste, etc, AND wireless access).  The room is actually two smaller bedrooms with a wall knocked out between them therefore creating a bedroom space and an office space.  The house has central heat and air-conditioning, wood floors, a washer & dryer, a large back yard and storage shed, and it is located less than a block from several major bus routes (and a short walk to the light-rail station). 

I have been in this house for almost 10 years now and have always had housemates.  The folks who fit best are career oriented individuals or grad-students who are looking for a good space to live in for 6 months to 2 years while they establish a solid foundation for the next phase of their life.  They have a good balance between their social life and their professional life, are open minded, and enjoy contributing to creating a homey feel where they live.  I prefer to live with women and have had only female housemates for the past 5 years.  I am more than happy to put you in touch with any of my former housemates and would expect that you can also put me in touch with several good references. 

As for myself I am a spiritually and professionally oriented individual, open minded, social (but need my introverted time every now and again), and outgoing.  I like to stay in shape, to travel, and to spend time with my girlfriend and her two daughters.  I am a personal coach and I trade stocks for a living.  I don't smoke, try to eat healthy, and I've got a great dog named "Mattie."   

Here are a few more considerations: No smoking inside (or outside) the house, $450 deposit due at move in, parties are great but huge parties every week - No So Much, basic cleanliness in common areas is important, minimum 6mo lease. 

Final Note:  I have recently been thinking about the possibly of partial rent rebates ($100/mo) in return for a simple schedule of cooking, cleaning, and/or landscaping help.  If you enjoy common meals, doing windows, or making and tending a raised garden bed, and have the commitment to do these consistently then we should talk about this possibility. 

You can contact me via LiveJournal, but please be patient as I only check this account a few times a week

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